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Can someone please provide a proper fix to disable this script in iOS. It is just a hack, turning off the constant repositioning of the popup. Couldn't test myself, as I have no iphone. It appears on mouseover, but does the mouseover-event actually exist on mobile devices? I should probably turn off all the code whenever it runs on any mobile not just IOS. If I get to it, I'll update the code to cleanly turn off everything on mobile devices until I have a better idea for supporting it there. I tried the ioshack, but the popup boxes stopped working in the regular browsers.

So I added the fix from Nigel, and it worked fine. The new if statement that surrounds the nudge should include setting the var agent. Code is:. I updated the isohack fixed a stupid bug , let me know if it works for you if you still care. The way I did it would not produce js errors see my comment above on the IOS device which might have consequences for other scripts, not sure , so it is a cleaner approach. I think I could expand the code to detect more touch-devices i. My pages in IE still work fine, and it worked by not working for my iTouch.

As you added code for other touch devices and it shouldn't throw other JS errors, I kept your code. When I make the table visable and can see that my changes are applied by the popup still displays the defauled values of the fields.

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Does it really do what you want? And as far as I know change would be used to attach an onchange event handler. I was off in the woods. Had an existing form that renders nicely in a dialog and was trying to use it along with all of it's inputs, lists Didn't realize that doesn't change the html.

I am well aware than I am supposed to escape quotes in "popup" arguments, but as you can see, I'm already an escaping level to deep to do it easily. I am getting more and more questions here that have not much to do with my script at all. This is a basic web development question about escaping that maybe should be googled or looked for at StackOverflow. I saw some post about this problem earlier, but did not see a specific solution - maybe I missed it.

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The earlier reports about problems in IE9 are all about an earlier version of this script, which I have since then updated. Can you tell me how it dosn't work in IE9? And does it work in IE8? If firefox, the hover box follow tha mouse and changes when hotspots change. In IE9, I do not see any hover or pop up box, just the original image.

I hope this helps somewhat IE seems to be a real pain for this and other things I have treid to do. I got it to work. Once those were removed, it now seems to work in IE9 and FF.

Ken, thanks for the feedback. I'd have been worried otherwise. It's not often that people will give positive reports on the internet :. If I link to the current version, that link will soon be outdated. I have no idea about the iframe question. It should work, but will it in all browsers?

Is it really necessary to do that? Thank you so much for this code, Nic. It has been a real help. I just have one question though; would it be possible to make the popup so that it has a maximum length, but if the text is shorter than that the popup width will be sized to the length of the text? I am new to js, so I would have no idea where to begin, but it would be a nice feature.

That may be a CSS-question, actually, rather than a javascript question. From the top of my head, what if you use max-width instead of width in the CSS? The only place where I've come across a problem is where I have an apostraphe in the text that's supposed to pop up. Right side column won't work at all? I only have the first item on the right side done, but it refuses to work.

Any thoughts I missed on this huge source of info? I looked at it with Firebug highly recommended if you don't have it. When hovering over the link, the console shows the error. You have an apostroph in there that is causing the problem. The troubled snippet is "previous month's balance". To add an explanation: I write in the article that you need to escape any quotation marks in your text e.

Thanks so much - I will look at that. I'll try to reinstall. I will take a look at it right away this morning. Again, many thanks - they like this feature a lot!!! As most have said, thanks for your code. I have a table that is taller than one screenfull. Your popup shows up exactly where it should when the page is not scrolled down from the top. The pop-up moves higher than the cursor by the same amount as scrolled down.

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If you scroll down 3 inches within the table, the popped text will show up 3 inches above the cursor. If you scroll down 12 inches, the popped text will be too high on the screen to be seen. Is there something that I goofed up? I can't see anything wrong. I tested in Firefox and Safari. In which browser did you see these issues?

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First of all, not sure what you mean with "data from a ckeditor". I also have no working knowledge of ASP. However, that is not the problem that this javascript tool is about. If you can load a text during website creation on the server, you can also show it with this popup script. Thanks for replying, everything shown nicely in the popup teks and any picture, your script works like charm with aspx.

I did not write that, so get it from"its web home. The current name of that file is jquery I am pointing at the jquery website generally, because the name changes as they out out new versions current version, you guessed it, is 1. Once downloaded and out on your server , you import it just as you import the popup script itself.

Yeah, this totally screwed me up with an iphone page. The mouse event made my select dropdowns stop opening. Matt, up there in the comments someone fixed their iphone or IOS in general issues with this script by a conditional, along the lines of.


The script needs some adjustment to work on IOS devices, but I don't have the time right now and not even IOS devices themselves to decide what is the best thing to do. This example work fine but I have required in pop content have pdf link so how can I appear popup click this link.. IE 9 is not displaying the popup on the right place. But still in IE 9 de popup appears above instead of a little to the right.

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I didn't really intend very large popups but you're not the only one who likes big popups , so to do what you want, I think you'd have to re-design the function that positions the popup to a large extend, sorry. Paul, I looove developing for IE, don't you? I'm sorry that the script misbehaves in IE9, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

And I also have no time at the moment : I hope that some tinkering can help you such that you will still use it. Let me know if you find a solution. But IE9 still 'refuses' to place the popup at the right side and places it on the left side. When there's not enough room on the left IE9 places it on top.

Instead of giving more power to assholes so they can implement more of that garbage, could you actually do something usefull instead like telling us how to fucking prevent this kind of bullshit from ever happening?