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With the right use of knowledge about those or other influences that Grahas have, the one can create a Kundali horoscope at any object and get a specific picture and knowledge about it. The word " Rashi " can be translated from Sanskrit as "the beam of sparkling constellation" and means the zodiac sign. Each Rashi , being a specific zone in space and time, is responsible for certain areas of life for each person on planet Earth. Nakshatras are 27 lunar constellations that in Vedic mythology were considered as 27 wives of Chandra Moon. According to the legend Chandra was supposed to visit each Nakshatra in strict order, without giving preference to any wife.

Lagna is that point of the zodiacal belt that coincides with the position of the horizon at the time of birth, for a given place of birth. In Jyotish Ascendant is more specifically called as Udaya Lagna to differentiate it from charts in which other points are used to determine the first house of the horoscope. There are also Chandra -, Surya -, Indu - and other Lagnas , but Udaya Lagna is the most influential and important sign within the natal chart, and the characteristics of that sign will to some extent be impressed upon the personality of the person or event being born.

Udaya Lagna 's Rashi will be considered the first house of the horoscope, and the enumeration of the other houses follows in sequence through the rest of the signs of the zodiac. In this way, the Lagna does not only delineate the rising sign, but also all the other houses in the chart.

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Graha Graha if translated from Sanskrit means "the one that controls". Read more. Rashi The word " Rashi " can be translated from Sanskrit as "the beam of sparkling constellation" and means the zodiac sign. Nakshatra Nakshatras are 27 lunar constellations that in Vedic mythology were considered as 27 wives of Chandra Moon. Magha P.


Phalguni U. Moola P. Houses 6, 8, and 12 govern many of the unpleasant themes of life e. Trikonas: Also called Trines, houses 1, 5, and 9 are the most fortunate houses, in that they represent blessings, opportunities, good fortune, wisdom, and spirituality, and planets in them and ruling them bring positive themes to the life.

Kendras: Called angles or angular houses in the West, houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 boost the power, action, and initiative of planets, and therefore can support greater success. Lagna: The Ascendant or Rising sign. Also the First House itself, as in the phrase "a planet in the Lagna".


The owner of the Ascendant and the planets in the First House both represent the person more than any other planets. Planets aspecting either the ruler of the First House or the First House itself also are quite influential, and their influence is integrated into the person's makeup. Chandra Lagna: A chart constructed by rotating the horoscope until the Moon occupies the First House.

This is also used to calculate yogas, and a yoga that occurs in both the Lagna chart and the Chandra Lagna chart will be much more powerful.

The Process of Qualifying Yogas

This is also used to calculate yogas, and a yoga that occurs in both the Lagna chart and the Surya Lagna chart will be more powerful. When a planet only rules bad houses it becomes a temporal malefic, bringing challenges into the person's life. If a planet only rules good houses especially kendras and trikonas , it brings positive experiences into the person's life. Note: for assessing a planet's temporal nature, houses 2 and 11 are considered mildly good, and house 3 as mildly bad. So Jupiter ruling the 8 th and 11 th would still be considered a temporal malefic, and Mars ruling the 3 rd and 10 th a temporal benefic.

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Vedic astrologers use Whole Sign aspects, where planets affect every planet in the aspected house, regardless of orb. Mutual Aspects: In Vedic astrology, when planets occupy the same house or are in opposite houses, they are said to aspect each other, I. In classical Jyotish texts, planets in the same house are said to be in association with each other. Aspects to Houses: All planets aspect the house opposite to the one that they occupy, whether there are any planets in that house or not. Mars aspects all planets and houses four and eight houses ahead counting the house occupied by Mars , Jupiter planets and houses five and nine houses ahead I.

Kundli kaise dekhe PART -1 ,कुंडली से स्वयं जानिए अपना भूत काल और भविष्य काल ,your life story

Planetary Weaknesses: Planetary war: When a true planet is within 1 degree of another true planet, a planetary war takes place. It is as if they are fighting for territory, and even the victor of the war gets bloodied. This is called Fall in Western astrology. The degree of deepest debilitation, after which strength begins to return to the planet, is, respectively, 10, 3, 15, 27, 28, 5, Jupiter is weakest at 5 degrees Capricorn. Dark Moon: When the Moon is within 72 degrees of the Sun, it grows dark and loses strength.

A waning Moon is significantly weaker than a waxing Moon given their distances from the Sun being equal.


Combust: When a true planet is within 6 degrees of the Sun, it is said to be combust. If within 3 degrees, it is seriously combust. A combust planet has difficulty expressing its gifts, is weaker, and the themes of the houses it rules can become challenging. Planets are strong and stable in the signs they rule. Exalted: The sign a planet is strongest in. Saturn is strongest at 20 degrees of Libra.

Retrograde: While both Western and Vedic astrology recognize retrogradation as the movement of a planet in the opposite direction across the sky, Vedic astrologers utilize the fact that retrograde planets are at their brightest and largest closest to the Earth , and that therefore, retrograde planets are strong. Dig Bala: Aka directional strength.